Thematic Forum on Blue Economy and Global Marine Governance under CCICED 2019 Annual Meeting
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Thematic Forum on Blue Economy and Global Marine Governance under CCICED 2019 Annual Meeting



      On June 2, 2019, during the 2019 Annual meeting of the China International Cooperation Committee on Environment and Development, a theme forum entitled "Blue Economy and Global Marine Governance" has been held in Hangzhou, China. Mr. ZHAO Yingmin, Secretary-General of the CCP, Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Ecological Environment, and Su Jilan, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. More than 130 guests attended the forum.

       In particular, "Declaration of War on the Protection of the Ocean to Plastic Pollution" was taken as an important topic in this forum. At present, about 80% of marine litter is made up of plastic. A simulation study shows that, only in 2010, 192 coastal countries imported 4-12.7 million tons of plastic waste into the ocean. It is the only way to reduce marine litter from the source and the use and discarding of plastic products. At the forum, representatives from governments, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and enterprises discussed ways to solve the problem of marine plastic waste. Dai Minhan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Xiamen University, Director of Asia-Pacific Regional Center of UNEP, Wang Juying, Deputy Director of National Marine Environment Monitoring Center, Sonya, Director of Global New Plastic Economy Project of Allen MacArthur Foundation, Philip, Senior Vice President of Wal-Mart, Zhang Jianhao, Vice President of Coca-Cola China, Korea and Mongolia, and Dale Technology Group Zhou Bing, Vice President of the Ministry of Government Affairs of the Chinese Region, shared the suggestions and practical experience on measures to solve plastic problems from the perspective of the industries.


Photo Source:CCICED