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  • Meta-database on Contaminants and Nutrients in the Coastal and Marine Environment in the Northwest Pacific Region

      • NowpapC&N (contaminants and nutrients) is a Database on the information related to the contaminants and nutrients in the marine and coastal environment in the NOWPAP region.

        NowpapC&N serves as an entry to access many information sources mainly in the NOWPAP region. People can find what sort of contaminants and/or nutrients, in which geographic scope, who conducted the survey/investigation and some technical details such as observation parameters, analytical methods and sampling frequency, when the activity carried out and to whom can be contacted, of course, online linkage URL included.

        NowpapC&N is free to access for non-profit purpose. Any related institution in the region is welcome to add your information by contact with a DINRAC Focal Point in the NOWPAP Members or NOWPAP DINRAC. Any change/update to the information in the NowpapC&N can be sent to a DINRAC Focal Point in the NOWPAP Members or to NOWPAP DINRAC.

        Any comments and suggestions please send to

    • Contaminants and Nutrients

      No. Country Records Last Update
      1 China 13 2010-12-01
      2 Japan 8 2011-03-31
      3 Korea 33 2008-05-09
      4 Russia 16 2010-10-05
    • Total 70 records in NowpapMED from 4 member states.