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The 11th NOWPAP DINRAC Focal Points Meeting

Beijing, the People’s Republic of China, 24- 25 July 2013

(last update: 2013-08-27)

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Working Documents

UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/1 Provisional Agenda (07-09)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/2 Annotated Provisional Agenda (07-09)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/3 Report of the NOWPAP Regional Coordinating Unit (RCU) on the Implementation of NOWPAP Activities (07-16)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/4 Report on the Overall Implementation of DINRAC Activities and Budget (07-03)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/5 Progress Report on the Annual Summary of Major Marine Environmental Data Available in Member States(07-02)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/6 Progress Report on the Summary of the Policies and Measures on the Prevention of Coastal and Marine Pollution in Member States (07-02)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/7 Progress Report on Atlas of Marine Invasive Species in the NOWPAP Region (07-03)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/8 Report on DINRAC’s Workplan and Budget for 2013 (07-03)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/9 Proposal for Developing Visualized DINRAC Website (continue) (06-28)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/10 Proposal for Annual Update of Existing Databases (07-09)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/11 Proposal for an Atlas of Climate, Oceanography and Marine Environment in the NOWPAP Region (06-28)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/12 Proposal for an Atlas and a Database of Endangered Species in the NOWPAP Region (07-12)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/13 Proposal for a Database on Marine Environmental Assessment Standards and Discharge Standards in Member States (06-28)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/14 Proposal for Ferry Boat Monitoring in the NOWPAP Region (07-08)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/15 DINRAC Workplan and Budget for the 2014-2015 Biennium (draft 07-09)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/16 Report of the 11th NOWPAP DINRAC Focal Points Meeting (08-27)

Reference Documents & Logistic Information

UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/Ref.1 Announcement of the 11th NOWPAP DINRAC Focal Points Meeting (06-25)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/Ref.2 Logistic Information for the 11th NOWPAP DINRAC Focal Points Meeting (06-14)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/Ref.3 List of Documents (07-08)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/Ref.4 List of Participants (07-16)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM11/Ref.5 Tentative Timetable (07-09)
UNEP/NOWPAP/DINRAC/FPM10/9 Report of 10th NOWPAP DINRAC Focal Points Meeting
UNEP/NOWPAP IG. 16/10/1/Rev. 2 NOWPAP Medium-term Strategy, 2012-2017