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Marine Litter References

Reference materials listed here contain several categories such as NOWPAP workshop proceedings, leaflets, sectoral guidelines for shipping, fishing and tourism, general information on marine litter including legal aspects, public education, marine litter monitoring and port reception ties.


Title of the Reference


Action Plan on and Regional  Overview of Marine Litter Regional Overview on Marine Litter in NOWPAP Region (2011) 15,592KB
Regional Overview of Legal Aspects Related to NOWPAP Regional Action Plan On Marine Litter (2010) 8,655KB
Marine Litter in the Northwest Pacific Region (2008) 8,560KB
NOWPAP Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter (RAP MALI) (2008) 559KB
Regional Report on Sea-based Marine Litter in the NOWPAP Region (2008) 2,821KB
Marine Litter Management: The approach of Incheon City, Republic of Korea (2008) 2,936KB
Regional Overview on Legal Instruments, Institutional Arrangements and Programmes Related to Marine Litter (2007) 1,360KB
NOWPAP Workshops on Marine Litter Proceedings of NOWPAP International Coastal Cleanup Workshops in 2011 and 2010 Hard copies upon request
Proceedings of NOWPAP International Coastal Cleanup Training Workshop (2008) Hard copies upon request
2nd NOWPAP Workshop on Marine Litter, 28-29 March 2007, Toyama, Japan Linked to CEARAC website
1st NOWPAP Workshop on Marine Litter, 8-9 June 2006, Incheon, Republic of Korea 13,302KB
1st International Workshop on Marine Litter, 14-15 November 2005, Toyama, Japan 39,313KB
NOWPAP Marine Litter Guidelines Marine Litter Guidelines for Tourists and Tour Operators in Marine and Coastal Area (2011) 838KB
Report on Technologies and Research Outcomes on Marine Litter (2010) 3,558KB
Model Survey for Reduction of Marine Litter (2009) 1,642KB
Sectoral Guidelines for Fishing (2008) 中文(606KB)
Sectoral Guidelines for Commercial Shipping (2008) 中文(505KB)
Sectoral Guidelines for Passenger Ships (2008) 中文(427KB)
Sectoral Guidelines for Recreational Activities (2008) 中文(450KB)
Guidelines for Improvement of Port Reception Facilities & Services (2007) 4,874KB
Guidelines for Monitoring Marine Litter on the Seabed of the NOWPAP Region (2007) 2,090KB
Guidelines for Monitoring Marine Litter on the Beaches and Shorelines of the NOWPAP Region (2007) 中文(500KB)
MALITA Leaflets and brochures Leaflets for Public Awareness of the Marine Litter Threat, in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean 1,697KB
Recycling of Plastic Marine Litter 963KB
What Can We do About Marine Litter? 1,100KB
Sea-based Marine Litter, Problem and Solution 1,843KB
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