• North West Pacific Action Plan
  • Data and Information Network Regional Activity Center

Overall goal of this section of the DINRAC Website is to make available new data and information on the marine and coastal environment of NOWPAP area by means of adding new values to catalogue; data integration into unified space and linking to webpage/regional/national/institutional resources of member countries and RACs.

The Portal serves as a tool:

  • to support process of creation of distributed information resources (IR) by providers/contributors;
  • to give adequate form of their description in English;
  • to develop and maintain new IR inventory and point contact;
  • to provide submission of the data and information to users through links of the Website using Search mode by different criteria.

The Left column of Portal establishes links to new available national IR of the region sorted by the Countries, Main objects/categories, Main sources of contaminants, Marine environment quality indicators and Main Marine pollution characteristics.

The Right column of Portal establishes links to NOWPAP Regional Activity Centres (RACs) issues and activity searchable by Meetings, Meetings Reports, National Reports, Publications, Specific Projects, Data/Metadata Bases, Information Systems, Documents, Links of RACs.

The Portal provides access to coastal, marine, ecological and marine environment information on NOWPAP area in each member country which is scattered among various sources (data bases, archives, reports, books, papers, atlases, websites) primary existing in different languages and hence, limited for wide use.

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