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Collection of Marine Environmental Protection Laws
in the NOWPAP Member States

(last update: 2010-11-25)

This collection of English translation of marine environmental protection laws in NOWPAP member countries is for the ease of your reference only. In case any discrepancy exists between the English texts and the original texts in national language of NOWPAP member countries, the original texts shall prevail.

Notice: This collection is based on the Regional Overview of Legal Aspects of the Protection and Management of the Marine and Coastal Environment of the Northwest Pacific Region, which is produced by NOWPAP DINRAC in 2007. The laws in this collection are obtained from relevant public official websites of NOWPAP Member Countries. This collection is a first step by NOWPAP DINRAC to collect and exchange marine environmental protection laws in NOWPAP member countries, therefore the list of laws in this collection should not be seen as exhaustive.


1 Environmental Protection Law
2 Law on the Environmental Impact Assessment
3 Marine Environment Protection Law
4 Regulations on the Prevention of Pollution Damage to the Marine Environment by Land - based Pollutants
5 Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Vessel-induced Marine Environment Pollution
6 Regulations on Control over Dumping of Wastes in the Ocean
7 Regulations on the Administration of Environmental Protection in the Exploration and Development of Offshore Petroleum
8 Law on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste
9 Law on the Prevention and Control of Water Pollution
10 Fisheries Law
11 Law on Water and Soil Conservation
12 Agriculture Law
13 Land Administration Law
14 Law on the Administration of the Use of Sea Areas
15 Law on Water and Soil Conservation
16 Water Law
17 Frontier Health and Quarantine Law
18 Law on the Entry and Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine
19 Regulation Concerning Prevention of Pollution Damage to the Marine Environment by Coastal Construction Projects (to be uploaded)
20 Law on the protection of Wildlife (to be uploaded)


1 Environmental Impact Assessment Law
2 Law Relating to the Prevention of Marine Pollution and Maritime Disaster
3 Basic Act on Ocean Policy
4 Act on Liability for Oil Pollution Damage
5 Act on Preservation and Control of Living Marine Resources
6 Act on Port Regulations
7 Air Pollution Control Law
8 Act on Regulation of Emissions from non-road Special Motor Vehicles
9 Waste Management And Public Cleansing Law
10 Water Pollution Control Law
11 Chemical Substances Control Law
12 Act on Confirmation, etc. of Release Amounts of Specific Chemical
13 Agricultural Chemicals Regulation Law
14 Order for Enforcement of the Chemical Substances Control Act
15 Wildlife Protection and Hunting Law and Related Legislation
16 Invasive Alien Species Act
17 River Law
18 Sewage Law (to be uploaded)
19 Johkasou Law (Domestic Purification Tank Law) (to be uploaded)


1 Framework Act on Environmental Policy
2 Environmental Impact Assessment Act
3 Enforcement Decree of the Environmental Impact Assessment Act
4 Prevention Of Marine Pollution Act
5 Sewerage Act
6 Wastes Control Act
7 Clean Air Conservation Act
8 Noise and Vibration Control Act
9 Natural Environment Conservation Act
10 Soil Environment Conservation Act
11 Water Quality and Ecosystem Conservation Act
12 Toxic Chemicals Control Act
13 Promotion of Installation of Waste Disposal Facilities and Assistance etc to Adjacent Areas Act
14 Act on the Control of Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal
15 Basic Law for Land Management (to be uploaded)
16 Act on Land Planning and Land Use (to be uploaded)
17 Coastal Zone Management Act (to be uploaded)
18 Fishery Protection Code (to be uploaded)


1 Water Code of the Russian Federation
2 RSFSR Act on Protection of the Natural Environment (to be uploaded)
3 Regulation on the State Control of the Use and Protection of Water Objects (to be uploaded)
4 Law on Protection of the Wild Animals (to be uploaded)
5 Rules on Prevention of Marine Pollution from Ships, Vessels and Coastal Objects of the Navy (to be uploaded)
6 Land Code of the Russian Federation (to be uploaded)
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