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Collection of Environmental Standards
in the NOWPAP Member States

(last update: 2011-11-02)

This Collection of Environmental Standards related to marine environment in NOWPAP countries is compiled by DINRAC and based on the report, "Regional Overview on River and Direct Inputs of Contaminants into the Marine and Coastal Environment in NOWPAP Region", published by the Pollution Monitoring Regional Activity Centre (POMRAC)of NOWPAP (downloadable at: http://dinrac.nowpap.org/documents/NOWPAP_POMRAC_Regional_Overview_RDI.pdf ).

The collection contains relevant environmental standards in China, Korea, Japan and Russia related to marine environment, and relevant environmental monitoring mechanisms in Japan and Korea. This collection is still at an early stage and will be continuously updated in the future.

Monitoring Methods in NOWPAP member states:

1 Water Quality Monitoring under the Water Pollution Control Law in Japan
2 Fresh Water Quality Monitoring in Korea
3 Monitoring Parameters of the Coastal Monitoring System in Korea

Water Standards in NOWPAP member states:

1 Surface Water Standards in China
2 Environmental Quality Standards to Protect Human Health in Japan
3 Environmental Quality Standards to Protect Rivers/Lakes in Japan
4 Guideline Values for Some Toxic Substances to Protect Most Sensitive Aquatic Organisms in Japan
5 Uniform National Effluent Standards in Japan
6 Water Quality Standards for River Water in Korea
7 Maximum Permissible Concentrations of Chemical Substances in Waters Used for Different Purposes in Russia
8 Water Quality Criteria based on Chemical Substance Concentrations in Russia
9 Comparison of Some EQS for Surface Water in NOWPAP Countries
10 Water Sample Preservation Methods Used in NOWPAP Countries
11 Major Differences in Water Analysis Methods Used in NOWPAP Countries
11 Sea water quality standards in Russia

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