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2013 NOWPAP ICC Workshop on Marine Litter Management (presentation materials)

Session 1: NGOs efforts to deal with marine litter

NGO activities in China--Hao ChenDownload
Marine debris in California--Eben SchwartzDownload
Okinawa Asia-Pacific NGO Forum Recommendations--Robert SteeleDownload
Addressing Styrofoam buoy marine litter--Jong-Myeong LeeDownload
NGO activities in Russian Far East--Yana BlinovskayaDownload
Marine litter monitoring--Yoshida TakafumiDownload

Session 2: Central and local government actions addressing marine litter

Marine litter management in Korea--Chae-kyun KimDownload
Actions against marine debris in Okinawa--Eisaburo HigaDownload
International Coastal Cleanup in Philippines--Jacob MeimbanDownload
Marine litter management in Japan--Junichiro NoguchiDownload
Marine litter management in China--Qingjia MengDownload

Session 3: Research activities relevant to reducing input of marine litter, modeling marine litter transport, impacts of marine litter, new technologies to deal with marine litter

New monitoring techniques--Andrea NealDownload
Nets to Energy project--Chris WoolanwayDownload
Pirika--Fujio KojimaDownload
International Pellet Watch--Hideshige Takada Download
No single-use plastic--Hideshige Takada Download
Monitoring using sailing boat--Sergey MoninetsDownload
Marine litter monitoring in Korea--Sung-Hong KangDownload

Session 4: International cooperation in addressing marine litter

Green Fins project--Chloe HuntDownload
Hong Kong cleanup--Lisa ChristensenDownload
International Coastal Cleanup in Alaska--Loretta BrownDownload
Let's Do It! movement and world cleanup--Pille PirnDownload
Ocean Conservancy activities--Sonya BesteiroDownload
Marine litter in Indonesia--Stefan RafaelDownload
Integrated solid waste management--Surya ChandakDownload

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