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1st Intergovernmental Meeting14 September 1994 Seoul, KoreaMeeting ReportNo Documents
2nd Intergovernmental Meeting20 November 1996 Tokyo, JapanMeeting ReportNo Documents
3rd Intergovernmental Meeting9 April 1998 Vladivostok, RussiaMeeting ReportNo Documents
Expert Workshop on NOWPAP16-8, July 1998 Beijing, ChinaMeeting ReportNo Documents
4th Intergovernmental Meeting6-7 April 1999 Beijing, ChinaMeeting ReportNo Documents
5th Intergovernmental Meeting29-30 March 2000 Incheon, KoreaMeeting ReportNo Documents
6th Intergovernmental Meeting5-6 December 2000 Tokyo, JapanMeeting ReportNo Documents
4th Meeting of the NOWPAP Forum on Marine Pollution Preparedness and Response14-18 May 2001 Qingdao, ChinaMeeting ReportNo Documents
NOWPAP/3 First Meeting of the Coordinating Committee for the Establishment of a Collaborative Regional Monitoring Programme21-22 May 2001 Beijing, ChinaMeeting ReportNo Documents
NOWPAP/1 First Meeting of the Coordinating Working Group for the Establishment of a Comprehensive Database and Information Management System23-24 May 2001 Beijing, ChinaMeeting ReportDocuments
NOWPAP MERRAC Expert Meeting 20015 - 9 November 2001 Tokyo, JapanMeeting ReportNo Documents
7th Intergovernmental Meeting14-16 December 2001 Vladivostok, RussiaMeeting ReportNo Documents
5th NOWPAP MERRAC Focal Points Meeting20-24 May 2002 Daejeon, KoreaMeeting ReportNo Documents
NOWPAP Regional OPRC Training Course (IMO Level 2 Course)28 October -1 November 2002 Incheon, KoreaMeeting ReportNo Documents
1st NOWPAP DINRAC Focal Points Meeting25-28 November 2002 Shanghai, ChinaMeeting ReportDocuments
1st CEARAC Focal Points Meeting25-28 February 2003 Toyama, JapanMeeting ReportDocuments
1st NOWPAP POMRAC Focal Points Meeting09-12 April 2003 Vladivostok, RussiaMeeting ReportNo Documents
6th NOWPAP MERRAC Focal Points Meeting1-4 Sep. 2003 Daejeon, KoreaMeeting ReportNo Documents
1st Meeting of NOWPAP Working Group 3 (WG3)28-30 October 2003 Busan, KoreaMeeting ReportDocuments
2nd NOWPAP DINRAC Focal Points Meeting29 October - 1 November 2003 Sanya, ChinaMeeting ReportDocuments
8th Intergovernmental Meeting5-7 November 2003 Sanya, ChinaMeeting ReportNo Documents
NOWPAP Regional OPRC Training Course (IMO Level 2 Course)10-14 November 2003 Shimonoseki, JapanMeeting ReportNo Documents
1st Meeting of NOWPAP Working Group 4 (WG4)1-3 December 2003 Vladivostok, RussiaMeeting ReportDocuments
2nd CEARAC Focal Points Meeting15-17 March 2004 Toyama, JapanMeeting ReportDocuments
7th NOWPAP MERRAC Focal Points Meeting18-21 May 2004 Daejeon, KoreaMeeting ReportNo Documents
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