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2013 NOWPAP International Coastal Cleanup and Workshop on Marine Litter Management24-26, October, 2013Okinawa, JapanNo Meeting ReportDocuments
The Expert Meeting on Marine Biodiversity and Eutrophication in the Northwest Pacific Region5-6 August 2013Toyama, JapanMeeting ReportDocuments
11th NOWPAP DINRAC Focal Points Meeting24-25 July 2013Beijing, ChinaMeeting ReportDocuments
16th NOWPAP MERRAC Focal Points Meeting and 8th CNA Meeting17-21 June 2013 Incheon, KoreaMeeting ReportNo Documents
NOWPAP/NEASPEC Joint Workshop on Marine Biodiversity Conservation and Marine Protected Areas in the Northwest Pacific13-14 March 2013Toyama, JapanNo Meeting ReportNo Documents
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