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The 20th NOWPAP Inter-Governmental Meeting held on 28-30 October 2015 in Beijing, ChinaNOWPAP DINRAC2015-11-02
Marine Industry Employs Boat Towed DetectorsSeadiscovery.com2013-05-02
NOWPAP and NEASPEC jointly organized the Workshop on Marine Biodiversity Conservation and Marine Protected Areas in the Northwest Pacific on 13-14 March 2013 in Toyama, JapanNOWPAP RCU2013-03-22
WOC Launches International Ocean Industry Working GroupSeaDiscovery.com2013-03-21
The 3rd Annual World Congress of Marine Biotechnology-2013 will be held on September 23-25, 2013 in HangzhouOrganizing Committee of WCMB-20132013-01-08
The Seventeenth Intergovernmental Meeting of NOWPAP was held in Jeju, Korea during November 1-2, 2012NOWPAP DINRAC2012-11-08
NOWPAP DINRAC hold a Regional Workshop on Marine Invasive Species (MIS) Problems during October 23-24 in Qingdao, ChinaNOWPAP DINRAC2012-10-26
Nation to upgrade maritime satellite network by 2020China Daily2012-09-06
2012 NOWPAP ICC Campaign and Workshop in VladivostokNOWPAP DINRAC2012-08-16
Marine environment deterioratingChina.org.cn2012-06-26
UN and Partners Launch Global Partnership on Marine Litter at Rio+20SynTao2012-06-21
Oceans, Rio+20 the futher we wantUN2012-06-20
Final Outcomes for Our Oceans in Rio+20 NegotiationsNRDC2012-06-19
UN report sounds alarm to clean up oceansChina Daily2012-06-18
The Ocean in Focus at Rio+20UNESCO2012-06-17
China to amass marine pollution compensation fundXinhuanet2012-05-29
DINRAC convened the Tenth DINRAC Focal Points MeetingDINRAC2012-05-24
The Ninth Intergovernmental Session of the IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC-IX), Busan, Republic of Korea, 9-12 May 2012UNESCO2012-05-11
Marine Environmental and Resources in 21st Century, Vladivostok, October, 10 -13, 2012The 2nd Russia - China Symposium2012-04-27
Qingdao Blue Economic ZoneThat's Qingdao Guide2012-03-20
Outlook for China's maritime environment "not optimistic": top oceanic officialPeople's Daily2012-03-13
China Marine sector reports 10% growth in 2011 China Daily2012-03-09
NZ vows to make ocean management priority at Rio+20China.org.cn2012-03-09
China publicizes regulation on maritime observation, forecastingPeople's Daily2012-03-08
Japanese fishery imports found radioactive matter China Daily2012-03-08
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