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Survey of micro-plastic marine debris in intertidal sediment (Dalian City and Shanghai City) in ChinaAugust 2015 Report  
Marine Anthropogenic Litter2015 Report  
NOWPAP ICC Proceedings 20142015 Report  
NOWPAP ICC Proceedings 20152015 Report  
State of Marine Environment Report for the NOWPAP Region (SOMER-2)2014 Report  
National Report: The Role of China’s Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations in Marine Litter ControlDecember 2013 Report  
Regional Overview on the Marine Invasive Species in the NOWPAP Region (in Chinese)March 2013 Regional Overview  
Newsletter from NOWPAP CEARAC No.9January 2013 Newsletter  
the 4th quarter of 2012Janaury 2013 NOWPAP quarterly  
Best practices for prevention of marine litter input from land-based sources in the NOWPAP region2013 Brochure  
the 3th quarter of 2012October 2012 NOWPAP quarterly  
Inventory of Marine Institutions & Experts for in China (in Chinese)August 2012 Inventory  
the 2th quarter of 2012July 2012 NOWPAP quarterly  
NOWPAP Medium-term Strategy, 2012-2017May 2012 Strategy  
Regional Report on HNS Preparedness and ResponseMay 2012 Report  
Port Reception Facilities in the NOWPAP Region, 2nd editionMay 2012 Report  
the 1st quarter of 2012April 2012 NOWPAP quarterly  
WebGIS of Information on Hazardous & Noxious Substances (HNS) Accidents in the Northwest Pacific RegionApril 2012 WebGIS 
the 4th quarter of 2011Janauary 2012 NOWPAP quarterly  
Newsletter from NOWPAP CEARAC No.8December 2011 Newsletter  
Marine Litter in the NOWPAP RegionNovember 2011 Report  
Marine Litter Guidelines for Tourists and Tour Operators in Marine and Coastal AreasDecember 2011 Guideline  
the 3th quarter of 2011October 2011 NOWPAP quarterly  
What can we do to prevent biological invasions to the marine environment?September 2011 English  Chinese 
Japanese  Korean  Russian 
the 2th quarter of 2011July 2011 NOWPAP quarterly  
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